San Francisco, Distillery No. 209

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San Francisco, Distillery No. 209

It has taken me a while to get on top of this! This is a photo tour of my trip to beautiful San Francisco to visit Distillery No. 209 in February 2013. Distiller Arnie Hillesland gave us a look inside the making of the delicious Distillery No. 209 Gin and Vodka.

Distillery No. 209 Gin’s botanical map is, like many Gins, secret. However, they do confirm that the botanical I.D. is centered around juniper (of course),¬†bergamot orange, lemon peel, cardamom pods, cassia bark, angelica root and coriander seeds. Citrus and spice are both good friends of my palate! Here is a simple summertime cocktail that gently supports and enhances Distillery No. 209 Gin, featuring an herb from my garden:

Smash No. 209

2 oz Distillery No. 209 Gin

3 Lime Wedges

1 Large or 2 medium strawberries

Small Pinch Lemon Balm (or sub mint)

.75 oz Honey Syrup (Dilute Grade A honey 3 parts to 1 part water. Stir together until integrated. E.g. 6 oz Honey to 2 oz Water.)

Muddle citrus, strawberry and syrup together in mixing tin. Add herb, Spirit and ice. Shake vigorously for a slow count of 10. Strain into Old Fashioned Glass over fresh ice. Garnish with sprig of herb and a small pinch of Sea Salt on beverage surface.

smash 209

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