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Immunity Drink! Carrot + Apple + Ginger + A little Kale

Welcome to my Liquid Kitchen! This morning I decided to take a cue from the weather and focus on some vitamin boosted and immunity strengthening ingredients. I hope you’ll find it delicious!

Immunity Drink

1 Pink Lady Apple

2 Thin Carrots with Tops

1 Ginger nub (small)

Couple small Leaves of Kale

1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder*

Fill with Coconut Water

Method: NutriBullet

*The protein powder must be added AFTER blending! (See below) It is made from whey, derived from dairy. Dairy is emulsifying, meaning it expands. Since there is nowhere for that expansion to go inside the sealed container… kaboom! Same goes for using egg whites in a NutriBullet concoction; it must be added after blending.

Carrot Apple 012016

I peeled the ginger with my citrus peeler but you can simply rub it hard with a butter knife to remove the dried skin. For the carrots, I just cut out the joint between the root and the top, where all of the dirt collects. I give the carrots a scrub with a plastic dish brush too. And use that carrot parsley! It’s a tasty green! Carrot is a beautiful example of Yin/Yang in nature. Yin = the root, orange vegetable part. Yang = the sprouted top, the carrot parsley.

Cut Peeled 012016

Carrot Apple Whey 12017

Visit me in the morning for Nutri-Bullet drinks, Soups, Salad Dressings, Mocktails and who knows what else!

Barnabas supervised!

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