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Rum Mule – Refreshing, Simple,

Like so many who are busy chasing dreams, my 5 o’clock comes a little late. After a long day of work (that I love), I hit the trail for a long run. I’m training for a half marathon because my Eternal Best Friend, Mo, convinced me to join her! I love running, it’s my jam, but I really only love running outdoors on trails. That’s not so easy to do in the shortened day light hours of winter. But I’m trying to fit it in!

At any rate, I’m hankering for a refreshing beverage that relies on the complexity of the geniuses behind the ingredients, rather than my own genius technique. This ones a pour and enjoy. And, btw, one of the geniuses behind one of the ingredients is dear Mother Nature herself. She is responsible for the aromatic key limes I’m using in my Rum Mule. Citrus is in season in the winter so these gems are robust! They grow in my own backyard and are tended to by three fairies who grace my garden. Their names are Taletha, Samantha and Sofia.

Rum Mule

2 oz Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

.5 oz Key Lime Juice

1 Dash Angostura

Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Build in a Collins Glass with pristine Ice. Squeeze and drop one of those aromatic Key Limes on top for an essential oil aromatheraputic experience.

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