Soup: Butternut Squash + Pear + Ginger + Sage

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Soup: Butternut Squash + Pear + Ginger + Sage

I have an early start today and it promises to be a nonstop trot! So I’m using the time I usually devote to making a breakfast drink to make a soup that will sustain me all day. What is so great about making a soup with a NutriBullet, vegetables and/or fruits and prepared broth is that you only need to get it hot before you eat it. After I cut, pulverize and heat the below soup-stuffs, I throw it in a thermos and head out for my day!

Granted, it takes a couple of minutes to peel and cube Butternut Squash. Therefore, I planned in advance and used half of the pictured BNS in a chicken stew (made last night) and the other half for today’s soup. Everything else is a snap!

The ratio of tasty balance for this soup (and many, generally) is about half vegetal/bright and half earth/dark.

So, the vegetal components are Butternut Squash + Sage.

And the earthy component is the Pear + Ginger.

BNS Ing 012116

And then there are the wild cards: these provide a springboard and a canvas as well as color and bond together the above ration of ingredients:

Chicken Broth* + Salt + Black Pepper + Paprika – all to taste

*Sub Veggie Stock to make Vegan

BNS Cup 012116BNS Top Cup 012116












Pulverize in you NutriBullet, heat while your putting on your makeup (or shaving, fellas) and then throw into your Thermos! Yummmmmmeeee!

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