A Margarita a Day Keeps The Chupacabra Away

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A Margarita a Day Keeps The Chupacabra Away

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National Margarita Day is coming up! Which begs the question: who is the hero who approved this holiday?

I have a warm fuzzy place in my heart for National Margarita Day, not just because I warmed up with a shot of Mezcal before I made the margaritas. 3 years ago, I (incidentally) married the day before National Margarita Day. Therefore, the day after my wedding was spent in paradise with the love of my life, sipping margaritas.

Honey Moon Margarita

As a count down to this holiday named for a flower and a delicious cocktail, I’m going to post a margarita every day until February 22nd, this year’s National Margarita Day. Here is the first one of the lot.


1 oz Mezcal El Silencio Espadin

1 oz Tequila El Tesoro Reposado

.5 oz Combier D’Orange

.5 oz Fresh squeezed Blood Orange

.75 oz Fresh squeezed Lime

.5 teaspoon superfine organic evaporated cane sugar*

Build without ice in tin. Add lovely, pure, clear ice and shake vigorously. Strain over fresh, lovely, pure, clear into (well, I like salt) sea salt encrusted old fashioned glass. Express some of that blood orange oil over the top and drop a little waxing crescent moon of blood orange into the glass for a little pizazz, a.k.a. garnish.

*I take organic evaporated cane sugar and pulverize it in my high powered blender. This will allow it to dissolve more easily, and effectively take the place of simple syrup. I use a blender instead of a food processor because I’ve found the bottom adjusted blades (as opposed to the horizontally-centered blades of a food processor) to be more effective. Another tip: most blenders can only handle about 1/4 of the volume of the blender carafe of dry good before burning out the motor.

blood orange margarita

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