Batchology - Margarita for 18 (or for 4 pros)

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Batchology – Margarita for 18 (or for 4 pros)

Welcome to my Liquid Kitchen!

You thought I forgot, didn’t you? You said, “a Margarita a day until National Margarita Day? No way!” Well, burn on you! I’m getting shiz in under the wire!

So here’s a nice piece of batchology for ya.

Margarita for 18 (or if you’re like my lot, 18 Margaritas for 4 people)

32 oz Tequila Partida Blanco

9 oz Combier Liqueur D’Orange

24 oz Fresh squeezed Lime

9 oz Simple Syrup

16 oz Ice Cold Water

Build everything in a large container and aerate with an emulsion blender. Don’t add the ice from the ice cold water before blending! It’s best if you can start with cold ingredients. So if you can chill your limes, booze and simple that would be best. After aerating, pour it into a pitcher without ice. You don’t want it to sit on ice and get watered down. Serve over ice in the glass. Toss in some lime or orange wheels for garnish. Salt or no salt? Up to you.

OK, so this photo is of the last 1/3 of the batch. I just sent home my toasty friends (don’t worry, they live walking distance) and remembered my solemn vow of posting a Margarita a day until National Margarita Day, 2/22.

Batch Marg


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