Countdown to National Margarita Day - Day #3

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Countdown to National Margarita Day – Day #3

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This is a very simple variation on the Agave “Margarita” aka “Skinny Margarita.”

Ok, all those quotes… What is commonly called Skinny or Agave Margarita is, to cocktail theory geeks, not a Margarita at all. It’s a cocktail in the category of Sour. I won’t nag on too long about this but it does help to explain the name of this one. You may or may not know that Margarita is Spanish for Daisy. Daisy is also a cocktail category (also called cocktail family) like the sour. I named today’s cocktail “Ace of Spades” for a couple of reasons: 1) Ace of Spades is a dark blue/black flower which grows in Mexico and So Cal. The recipe reveals the use of Blackberry Liqueur. 2) It sounds cool enough for any guy to order without feeling like his dude friends will accuse him of being a daisy.

Ace of Spades

1.5 oz Olmeca Los Altos Tequila Blanco

.5 oz Briottet Crème de Mûre

.75 oz Fresh squeezed Lime

.5 oz Agave (Cocktail Ready, which means diluted 3 parts agave to 1 part water)

Shake & Strain over fresh ice into Old Fashioned Glass. Garnish with Lime Wheel.

Side note: the reason I chose this one for today is because it is my sweet husband’s birthday and he loves Crème de Mûre. Happy birthday, honey! @brian_s_carr

Ace of Spades edit

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